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Wills And Probate

Nobody enjoys thinking about “unforeseen circumstances” that could affect their ...

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is considered anything related to creations of the mind. Because of...

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Real Estate Law

If you are buying or selling real estate, you use...

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Business Law

Are you wondering how to handle contracts, partnerships, or other..

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Business Formation

Starting a new business is an exciting venture. However, the process ....

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Experienced Lawyer Serving Clients for Over 30 Years


When you need legal help, you want to find someone you can trust.

If you need help with wills, probate, business, or real estate, come to the Law Office of Richard L. Hoefel, PLLC.

Richard L. Hoefel has been in practice for 30 years and has helped countless clients:

  • Develop wills and directives
  • Understand trademark and copyright registrations
  • Create contracts for businesses and partnerships
  • Transfer property deeds and more!

Unlike other law practices in the Pierce County, WA area, this one is committed to direct contact with clients, as well as fast responses and dedicated time.

While there are many types of lawyer services out there, attorney Richard L. Hoefel focuses mainly on estate, business, and real estate law.

If you need help with any of these areas or have questions, make sure to give him a call.

Local Attorney Specializing in Probate, Business & Real Estate Law


Are you wondering about the probate process for your estate or the estate of a relative? Attorney Richard L. Hoefel and his extensive experience in probate law can help.

Our local attorney also understands business formation and contract law to help you get off on the best foot possible.

Real estate law assistance can also be found, especially if you need to:

  • Dispute boundary lines
  • Transfer a deed
  • Resolve landlord/tenant issues

Whether you are looking forward to filing an LLC for your new business or want help establishing a trust for your children after you’re gone, attorney Richard L. Hoefel can help.

Centrally located in Pierce County, you can find answers to your pressing legal questions here.

The Law Office of Richard L. Hoefel is Ready to Help You


When choosing a lawyer or attorney in your area, you might start by searching for a lawyer near me, or local law offices.

When you do that, you’re probably going to be overwhelmed by options - none of which are the best fit for you.

This law office is a good fit for anyone who wants a personal touch with a lawyer who works directly with his cases.

Richard L. Hoefel meets with each client and:

  • Discusses your needs
  • Shares his expertise and advises on next steps
  • Finalizes your legal documents or processes himself

If you’ve ever called a law office before, you might get the impression that there are other lawyers or attorneys who would handle your case. With our law office, that’s not the case.

We make sure you get customized attention and the best answers to your legal questions.

If you’re looking for a lawyer in Pierce County, call the Law Office of Richard L. Hoefel, PLLC at (253) 566-1925.